Do you want to join OMUSTA contest while you are not in Japan?

Yes, you can!

We have OMUSTA Global Contest.

It is very simple to join.


How to join OMUSTA Global Contest

  • Please fill the application form, and get entry number published by us
  • Make rice ball by your hand
  • Eat deliciously with excellent smile 🙂
  • Take photos
  • Upload on Instagram with the entry number, and add the following 6 hashtags (*”Copy and paste” is recommended, since 3 hashtags are written in Japanese)


  • Send us the photo via email, and notify us that you uploaded on Instagram
  • Wait for OMUSTA executive committee vote

The ranking will be displayed on our website based on the number of vote that OMUSTA executive committee makes.

Fill the form and join the global contest



Please take the photo individually


Please upload only 3 photos in one post (no more than 3 photos).


Only one post is effective (no more than 1 post).


Each participant can use only ONE Instagram account (Multiple accounts are not allowed).


Fill the form and join the global contest


History of OMUSTA Contest

The first OMUSTA contest event was held on May 4th, 2019 and over 30 people joined the event.

>>The detail is here


Second OMUSTA CONTEST in Japan

The second OMUSTA contest will be held in Hirose area in Iga city on September 15th, 2019.

OMUSTA World Cup 2020

Also, we are planning OMUSTA World cup in 2020.

Fill the form and join the global contest